Wednesday, December 8, 2010

CHATEAU PUDRIS - The Property of Pudris for Sale

The Property of Pudris
a) Full potential 60,000 bottles
b) Current output 50,000 bottles
30,000 Bdx Sup
20,000 White
c) No particulars on French ownership - no restrictions
d) Property held freehold
e)No structural work required
f) Built-up details:
Chateau 1,000 square meter + loft 200 square meter
Chair (winery) 1,000 square meter
Three hangars 1,500 square meter
g) Some upgrading required - The roof is new
h) 20 rooms ranging from 30 square meter to 50 square meter, with ceiling height 4.5 meter.

  • 8 ha vineyard 
  • Land and about 4.5 ha (including 3.5 in AOC*) 
  • Land and 5.5 ha park *(AOC = 'Authentic, Certified') 
  • Woods 2 ha
  • 5.41ha vineyard in Red 
  • Merlot 58% Cabernet Franc 21% Cabernet Sauvignon 21% 
  • 2.30ha vineyard White 
  • Sauvignon blanc 50% semillon 50% 
  • Density 1Mx2M between rank, north south 
  • Driving style: steel wire trellising vines on average 5 son 
  • Yield: reasoned practice yields average 50 hl / ha 
  • In the two seas: 100 to 120 hl 
  • Bordeaux supérieur: 200 to 240 hl

The main buildings are arranged around a courtyard opening onto a park to the west and the vineyards to the east. 
  • The castle was built in 1830 by Count de Menou stone Directoire style.
  • Ground floor 500 m2, 1st floor + attic partially furnished, all on a total surface area of 1000 m2. 
  • Chais and stone buildings of the nineteenth (Century) 
  • 1 shed and stables 
  • 1 hangar equipment 
  • 1 house + outbuildings guards 
  • Buildings and outbuildings are built with a total area of 1800 m2

Tanks cement coated EPOXI 
10 ‘aériennes’ (suspended tanks) 6x100hl + 4x60hl hl = 840 
2 underground tanks 2 x 50 hl hl = 100 
wine storage 50 +14 = 64 
totaling 10hl x 4 = 40 Total 1044 hl

5. CHAIS (Winery)
  • Pump Vaselin 
  • Horizontal press 25 hl Vaselin 
  • Destemmer Vaselin 
  • Stainless steel pipe valves, many 
  • Group warm / cold climate 15 VASELINE 
  • Manzini piston pump 45/90hl, Rotoflex 80 hl, 30 hl Rotoflex 
  • Piping corresponding 
  • Filter Plate 
  • 3 stainless steel coils 
  • 2 stainless steel hot rods 
  • 25 pallets boxs 
  • Pallet puller 
Equipments are in good working condition

  • 1 vigneron (designed for winemaking)55 hp tractor RENAULT 
  • 1 sprayer door 400L 
  • 1 rotavateur (rotary plough)  
  • 1girobroyeur (earth crusher)
  • 1 plow (curved) 
  • 1 Melon Frame plow 
  • 1 branch miller/crusher 
  • 1 Fertilizer 
  • 1 décavaillonneuse (curvy plough) 
  • 1 hydraulic cropping 
  • 1 weeding ramp 
  • 1 Earth repackager of 1.60 m 
  • 1 hydraulic (like a skip) with dump mechanism 
  • 1 actisol (aerator plough) 
  • 1 three point forklift
  • Various small tools

‘Entre-2-mers’ (Area name) 100 to 120 hl 16 000 bottles
Bordeaux barrel above 200 hl 26 000 bottles

The Chateau stands recessed 300m away from the National Route (the D1113).

Turn into our private road, which is flanked on one side by eight unique cottages, the other side being valuable vineyard land (our property).

Wind 150m up two levels through a canopy of trees, to the chateau.

The Chateau is strategically placed between the exits La Reole and Langon along the “Autoroute des Deux Mers”.

The Motor Racing track of Monte Carlo is 300 km away, of Le Mans in Brittany, is 500km.
  • La Reole: 10 mins drive
  • Langon: 15 mins drive
  • St Emilion: 30 mins drive
  • Bordeaux airport: 40 mins drive

The palace of CHARLEMAGNE was built on the plateau of Pudris. It was razed to the ground in battle, replaced by another Chateau which itself was demolished in the 16th Century, and whose ruins still stand in the park grounds of the present Chateau.

Erected after the French revolution, by Count de Menou in 1830, the style is that of Napoleon 111 - simplicity both in line and design.

The River Garonne curves just so towards the Chateau, as to bring in the 'feng-shui' wealth chi' - is the pride that the Emperor-Charlemagne stood for Independence and for Education.

La Reole, 'The Gateway' into the South Acquitaine and noted for its really ancient historic churches, is 10 minutes' drive Eastward of the chateau, and Langon is 15 minutes West.

The private path winds 150 metres up to the Chateau.

Perched on a plateau with an eye to the River Garonne to keep in abeyance the Norman raiders – the choice location for a Conqueror fighting wars of Independence for the South Acquitaine.

The other eye onto the valley below, particularly the main gateways into the towns.

The Chais stands opposite to the chateau itself, the sprinting distance of merely 40 metres. It is visible from some rooms, particularly the dining area.

The Grand Stone Staircase, modeled after that in the Ancient Church Commune in La Reole.

The Lounge
4.5m ceiling height

Room sizes range from 30m2 to 50m2

Large bedroom
Arched niche flanked by walk-in wardrobes that interconnect s to other rooms. Panelled wall.

Front rooms overlook the river and valley below. Rooms in the back look across to the stables and the winery.

The Library opens onto the balcony
The Library is fully paneled and all four walls incorporate display showcases.

As you sip your vintage Bordeaux, you are suspended midair in space, with a star-laced sky overhead. Below, the River Garonne reflects the twinkling lights of the valley.

The 80cm thick stone walls keep the interior cool in the summer afternoons, whilst retaining the heat keeping relatively warm through summer nights.

5.5 h of woods and parkland tor taking long walks and looking at animals.

The wines of Chateau Pudris are not known outside of Bordeaux because until 1920, the property belonged to the aristocracy and so the wines were sent to the neighboring chateaux and kept mainly for friends and family.

Asking Price: 6 million GBP.
For more information, please contact Serena at +6 016 496 7718.